Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet
Christopher Dell - vibes
Christian Ramond - bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

Upcoming CD on Jazzwerkstatt

Latest cd: AT THE FIELDS EDGE (NotTwo Records) +++ Radio feature in [concertzender] +++ Latest concerts in Germany: February-19-2024, Magdeburg, Forum Gestaltung +++ March-06-2022, Cologne, Chamber Remix, Kunsthafen im Rhenania +++ Oktober-27, 2022 Darmstädter Jazzherbst 2022, Bessunger Knabenschule +++ November-24-2021, Bonn, Kreuzung an Sankt Helena

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The THEO JÖRGENSMANN QUARTET is a top-class German Jazz Quartet. Their CDs "Snijbloemen" (hatOLOGY 539) and "To Ornette - Hybrid Identity" (hatOLOGY 576), have been enthusiastically reviewed by many critics worldwide. "Snijbloemen" was awarded four stars in the July 2000 issue of the renowned American magazine Downbeat and "To Ornette - Hybrid Identity" (hatOLOGY 576) was awarded 5 stars in the german magazine FONOFORUM and in allaboutjazz/italia.

Vibrating and stunning communication on the finest technical level imaginable. This worlwide suceeding German jazz ensemble stands for: -music against the law of purity (...) dancing elegance, humorous intelligence, sensitive poetry (...), the ultimate improvised chamber music.- (Weltwoche, Switzerland, 2002) -highly interactive (...) simply magnificent- (highest score in FONO FORUM, Germany, 2002) -Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic from all sides. (...) Jörgensmann's dancing, fractured improv couldn't find a warmer nest.- (CODA MAGAZINE, Canada, 2003)

In 1999, 2001 and 2003 the quartet played three USA/Canada tours sponsered by the German Government of the Federal State North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW).

They performed on festivals such as Open Ohr Festival Mainz 1997, Solo Virtuos Gelsenkirchen 1998, Jazz Night Lüneburg 1998, Klap Op De Vuurpejl Amsterdam 1998, Paranoia Festival Tilburg 1998, Jazz Podium Ruhr 1998, Jazz Festival Münster 1999, Rheinisches Musikfest 1999, Du Maurier International Jazz Festival Vancouver 1999, Festival International De Jazz De Montreal 1999, Festival Musik In Den Haeusern Der Stadt Koeln 1999, Duisburger Akzente 2000, Jazz Festival Varna 2000, European Echoes Leverkusen 2002, Jazz Festival Würzburg 2002, Jazz Festival Nanjing 2002 (& Tour in China), Intl Jazz Festival Vancouver 2003, Intl Jazz Festival Edmonton 2003, Intl Jazz Festival Montréal 2003, Intl Music Festival San Francisco 2003 (& Tour in USA/CA), Westfälisches Musikfest 2003, Jazz Festival Greiz 2003, Darmstädter Jazzherbst 2022.
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